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Ole Christian Madsen

2014 || Denmark || 107 mins || Color || in Danish || Feature


The Match Factory


Toronto 2014 – world premiere


It’s 1962. Across Europe there is a new generation of young people feeling restless, directionless... An anti-nuclear protest in Copenhagen lands 19-year-old Eik in jail where he meets beautiful 17-year-old Iben. It’s love at first sight. Eik and Iben move into a romantic garden cottage, spending their days writing poetry. But Iben refuses to commit to only one man, and jealous Eik must compete for her love in a series of triangles.

Eik and Iben embark on a nomadic journey in search of foreign lands and exotic adventures, acutely sensing that the world is now theirs for the taking. From Denmark to Paris to Spain, eventually arriving in Athens via the deserts of North Africa, the young lovers join beatniks from across Europe, camping out on a rooftop in the Plaka quarter. The charismatic Christian introduces Eik to the cult of hashish and psychedelic drugs. Doors to new dimensions are thrown wide open.

But carefree, mind-altering recreational use evolves into the harsh reality of drug addiction. Eik and Iben must separate. Eik journeys on to Baghdad, wondering if there is any future with Iben. She hits rock bottom before joining a disciplinary theatrical group to clean up her act.

In a bold attempt to win Iben back, Eik decides to form a band. Steppeulvene becomes Denmark’s first rock band, notorious for drug use and the smash hit album HIP, full of poetic declarations of love for “Itsi Bitsi,” Eik’s nickname for Iben. But Eik is destined for more heartache and he leaves on a soul-searching trip to Nepal. Nothing has turned out as he had dreamed…

In the soul-searching psychedelic 60s, a rebellious young man desperately tries to win a beautiful woman's love by transforming from poet to writer, nomad to junkie and eventually rock star... The new film by Ole Christian Madsen, acclaimed director of SUPERCLASICO, FLAME & CITRON and PRAGUE.


Joachim Fjelstrup (as Eik)
Marie Tourell Soderberg (as Iben)