1001 GRAMS






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Bent Hamer

2014 || 88 mins || Color || in Norwegian, French || Feature


Les Films du Losange


Toronto 2014
Norway’s 2015 Academy Awards Entry


Urbane urbanite Marie is a thirtysomething scientist whose life is rigorously controlled. Recently divorced, Marie devotes her life to measurements, spending her days inspecting ski slopes while studiously avoiding her ex. The pride of the institute where she works is a perfect kilogram weight, a model for all measurements in the country, which Marie is supposed to take to a big conference in France. It's her first time going, and the first time her father, a fellow scientist and a legend in their field, will not be attending. When a family emergency jolts Marie even further out of her element, she finds herself introduced to whole new worlds. As she explores her new possibilities, everything seems to unfurl magically, beautifully…

Featuring Ane Dahl Torp (Pioneer, Cold Lunch) in a charmingly offbeat comedy from Norwegian master Bent Hamer (Kitchen Stories, O’ Horten).

A co-production: Norway (BulBul), France (Slot Machine), Germany (Pandora).


Ane Dahl Torp
Laurent Stocker
Hildegun Riise
Stein Winge
Per Christian Ellefsen
Didier Flamand
Dinara Droukarova


A gentle, soft-spoken, philosophical reflection on the human fallacy of trusting anything exact and precise down to the smallest detail, Bent Hamer toys here with an almost impossibly dry subject, the Kilogram Convention in Paris. But no need to be discouraged, for behind it hides a very humane story, alternately sad and smiling, fashioned with the utmost care, unfolding stately at a calculated pace that underlines the subtle humour lying just under the surface… More than anything else, there is Ane Dahl Torp’s performance, starting with a blank, schoolmarm, unforgiving expression, moving next into a distraught, confused one, all the way through to the glowing beauty of the final sequence.



An extremely light, delicate art film that rarely makes a false move. For those who know Bent Hamer's work, this Norwegian-Parisian love story between two scientists will come as another pleasant installment in his warm stories about human beings and their need for each other.

Master of the humanist comedy Bent Hamer ponders the weight of the human soul in Norway's Oscar hopeful



Hamer's tragicomedy is a gentle, absurd and intoxicating look at how to quantify life, love and everything in between. The captivating Torp stars as a Norwegian scientist whose rigid, stripped-bare urban life gets thrown beautifully off-balance while she's attending an international seminar on determining the exact weight of a kilo. That set-up results in some delightfully wry humour, an endless stream of stunning compositions and a soft sprinkling of genuine emotion. The film may sound slight, but its charm is immeasurable.

— Rdheyan Simonpillai, NOW (Canada)


For those who have an adoration for world cinema, 1001 Grams certainly is a good bet, and may just be a title that we hear plenty more about as awards season approaches.

— Hillary Butler, FILMORIA (UK)